BELUGA GROUP presents a new product of the Arkhangelskaya collection: Arkhangelskaya Garlic and Pepper tincture.

july 31 /2020

Arkhangelskaya has expanded its collection with the new and exclusive Arkhangelskaya Garlic With Pepper 60% flavored tincture.

The product is created using traditional technology, alembic distillation and the infusion of natural ingredients at the Arkhangelsky distillery, an enterprise with over a hundred years' experience producing flavored spirits. Infusions of garlic and red pepper, both having a strong antiviral effect, create a delightful aroma and delicate notes of garlic in the taste.

The bottle's label evokes a medicine jar from the 19th century — a time when tinctures were only available from pharmacists.

Arkhangelskaya Garlic and Pepper is the first product in the brand's collection to have such a strength. This limited-edition tincture is only available in a 0.5 L bottle.

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