BELUGA GROUP presents a new product: Arkhangelskaya Bitter Extract

july 13 /2020

Arkhangelskaya, the world's fastest-growing vodka brand according to The Millionaires Club rankings from the reputable British magazine Drinks International, presents tincture Arkhangelskaya Bitter Extract.

The water for the new product goes through a four-stage filtration process, with its aromatic spirits aged in oak casks. As a result, Arkhangelskaya Bitter Extract gains a tart taste notes, expressive aroma, and an amber hue. In the final stage of the tincture's production, the blend is aged in fine hundred-year-old tanks.

The bitter tincture is available in a single SKU, 0.5-liter bottle, and the sales launch is planned for mid-July, 2020.

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