BELUGA GROUP Launches Ongoing 'Good Deeds' Charitable Action in Primorsky Krai

april 10 /2020

Over 1,000 local citizens suffering because of the COVID-19 pandemic will receive social assistance.

The coronavirus pandemic has also overtaken Primorsky Krai, the region where BELUGA GROUP started its operations 20 years ago. Measures to stop the spread of the virus, including self-isolation, are absolutely fair, but at the same time they have adversely affected business—especially the service sector. This, in turn, has had a sizable impact on local citizens.

The first step in the 'Good Deeds' campaign will be the distribution of several thousand emergency food packages in the region. The packages contain essential supplies, hygiene products, and goods produced by holding companies, including dairy, sausages, grains, antiseptics, and more. Distribution will be facilitated by BELUGA GROUP's own channels and through volunteering activities. The charity aims to support citizens affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

The project is supported by the Primorsky Krai administration in partnership with the regional media group PrimaMedia. Local businessmen, celebrities, volunteers , and everyone who wants to help will be invited to collaborate on the project.

BELUGA GROUP owns a number of large food and alcohol enterprises, including the Ussuriysky Balsam plant, the Nakhodkinsky meat processing plant, the WineLab alcohol supermarket chain and 'Good Deeds: Home Delivery' retail chain. Primorsky Krai is a region of great importance to BELUGA GROUP, and the company will strive to provide local citizens with the support they need.

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