BELUGA GROUP becomes the exclusive distributor of XUXU liqueurs in Russia

august 25 /2021

BELUGA GROUP continues to strengthen its position in the key categories of spirits import: in July, an agreement with the German company Underberg came into force, assigning the exclusive distribution of XUXU liqueurs in Russia to the group. The inclusion of this brand in the import portfolio is the company's response to the growing demand for liqueurs among Russian consumers.

XUXU is a brand of 15% berry liqueurs; its uniqueness is ensured by the composition quality and special production process. The product is made exclusively with natural ingredients: strawberry purée, lime juice, premium vodka and water, following a complex production process, which eliminates any possibility of imitation and counterfeits. The high quality of XUXU liqueurs has been confirmed through its recognition by the judges at the World Spirits Award 2014, where the brand received a gold medal with a score of 96 points out of 100. In its home market, Germany, XUXU liqueurs sales have reached one million bottles per year. The brand is also popular in the USA and Denmark. BELUGA GROUP's portfolio will feature the strawberry liqueur XUXU and the creamy strawberry XUXU Cream.

Also, under the agreement with Underberg, BELUGA GROUP will become the exclusive distributor in Russia of the company's grape brandy, Asbach, and the herbal liqueur Tunel.

About Underberg

Underberg was launched by Hubert Underberg and his wife Katharina Albrecht on their wedding day in 1846 and has remained a family business for 175 years: the company is currently run by the fifth generation of the dynasty. Underberg includes five distilleries and is the third-largest distributor of wines and spirits in Germany. The company headquarters is located in the city of Rheinberg.

Underberg's flagship brand is the herbal bitters that bear the company's name. Also, among the key brands known around the world are XUXU berry liqueurs, Asbach grape brandy and Tunel herbal liqueurs.

Underberg's vision is to focus on people and their needs, to concentrate on innovations, to cultivate quality, to strive for excellence and sustainable development in the ecological, economic and sociocultural spheres.

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