Appointment of new members in the Board of Directors

december 27 /2021

On December 24, an extraordinary meeting of BELUGA GROUP shareholders took place. It resulted in decision to increase the number of Board of Directors’ members from seven to nine. This will allow the group to improve the efficiency and quality of corporate governance, increase the number of independent members to three, and form additional committees. The new members of the Board are Meline Gukasyan, General Director of Kraft Heinz Russia, who became the third independent director of the group and Oleg Medoev, Director of the Analytics, Development and Strategy Department of BELUGA GROUP.

Alexander Mechetin, Chief Executive Officer of BELUGA GROUP commented on this event as follows: "Well-balanced and competent Board of Directors provides effective management of the company and takes into account the interests of all stakeholders. Therefore, we increase the number of participants to nine and invite a new independent director with extensive experience in a key area for the group. The diversity and professionalism of the Board will allow us to comprehensively consider strategic issues and make the most balanced decisions for sustainable business development. In addition, the election of a third independent member of the Board of Directors allows BELUGA GROUP shares to be included in the highest quotation list on MOEX, which should positively affect the company's shareholder history.”

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