ALVIZ celebrates 120th years since launching production

july 12 /2021

On July 12, 1901, three years after its foundation by order of S. Witte on the embankment of the Northern Dvina, the State Wine Warehouses officially opened its doors and launched production. The enterprise is known today as ALVIZ (or Arkhangelsk Distillery) and is the largest alcoholic beverage factory in the Russian North. It has been part of the BELUGA GROUP since 2004.

The factory manufactures more than 50 types of vodka and liqueurs. For the latter, ALVIZ uses more than 200 tons of fresh berries each year, along with honey, herbs, dried fruits, and nuts. ALVIZ purchases most of these goods from Russian suppliers, supporting local manufacturers. Infused liqueurs are crafted using traditional recipes and aged in oak barrels.

ALVIZ brands are in demand not just throughout Russia, but beyond its borders. According to The Millionaires' Club 2021 rating from the British publication Drinks International, the distillery's flagship Arkhangelskaya brand ranked first on the list of the world's fastest growing spirits brands among all categories. It also entered the list of the world's 30 most popular vodka brands.

“ALVIZ is a distillery with a rich history. It is located in the only remained industrial complex of Arkhangelsk. We maintain continuity using the accumulated experience of several generations of craftsmen, while at the same time introducing new techniques into our processes. I would like to note that we cherish not only the century-old beverage creation expertise, but also the plant itself, which was recognized as a cultural heritage site. We implement all our innovations taking into account this important feature and our respect for traditions," comments Alexander Mechetin, CEO of BELUGA GROUP.

ALVIZ is one of the few places in Russia where you can see how vodka has been made over the past hundred years: the company still uses the tinned red copper finishing vats first built during the Russian Empire — this unique advantage enables the company to create truly exclusive products. The plant implements modern technologies throughout the manufacturing processes. For instance, they deployed a more powerful filling line in 2020, including Italian equipment. The plant will receive more than RUB 350 million in investments over the next two years — a new record for the enterprise. Over the last three years, BELUGA GROUP has invested more than RUB 230 million in ALVIZ.

The factory is actively engaged in regional development. ALVIZ is one of the largest taxpayers in the Arkhangelsk Region: by the end of 2020, more than RUB 7.73 billion was transferred to the consolidated budget with an additional RUB 4.24 billion transferred over the first half of 2021. The company provides 380 jobs for the city and region, including for peoples with disabilities, creating a comfortable work and recreational environment for its employees. The ALVIZ team independently organizes sustainability campaigns and supports local initiatives involving cleaning and improving the city's territory, with special attention paid to the territories adjacent to the enterprise itself. It is important to note that in 2020, in order to counter the coronavirus pandemic, the plant organized the purchase of equipment for treating COVID patients, which was transferred to the Arkhangelsk Regional Clinical Hospital. The factory cares about the environment. Up to 90% of useful waste — glass, polyethylene, cardboard — gets recycled. To accomplish this, the enterprise has organized a system for collecting, accumulating, and selling materials. At the same time, the plant is investigating strategies for resource conservation and projects to use residual raw materials in other industries.

Several items of the distillery's flaghip brand, Arkhangelskaya, are scheduled for release in 2021. Arkhangelskaya now accounts for up to 90% of the plant's total output. The first premium vodka, Arkhangelskaya Vyderzhannaya 1898, created especially for the anniversary, is among these upcoming new products.

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